“I am grateful that Carrie is doing the work she was meant to do. My session with her was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. She invested so much of her time and compassion in to my reading before she even met me. It made our in-person session that much more powerful. I felt cared for by someone with a special gift who is using it gently and carefully in the world. Thank you Carrie.”

- Sheila T. 


“I was visiting my friend in Ojai a couple of years ago and mentioned (given Ojai’s magical reputation) that while there I was hoping to find a good energy worker to help me get started on releasing myself from a pretty deep funk and a pretty high pressure job and to help me generate some good energy that would point me in some sort of a transformational direction.  My friend suggested I try Intuitive Ojai. 

She was so incredibly right! It was a life-changing session. When I arrived I felt immediately at ease, which inspired me to suggest that instead of me choosing the modality, she should go ahead and do whatever she felt would be the best combination of things given the time we had and the short snapshot of goals for the session that I’d shared with her.

The first thing I found unique was that as she began she gently asked an easy but relevant question (I forget what it was exactly) and she didn’t stop me from my long stream of verbal diarrhea while she quietly worked away on a physical and energetic level. The reason I found this so refreshing was that usually body workers don’t want you to talk perhaps because it is thought to take away from the physical or spiritual work. But actually at that time it was so incredibly important because with the combination of being able to “drain” my words while she did her energetic magic I was immediately having deep revelation after deep revelation which I believe wouldn’t have happened had I stayed quiet. Then my words turned into tears and more revelations. And then quiet. And all the way through she was completely responsive and adaptive and proactive at restoring and inspiring me. 

The other unique thing was that after other energy or body work I usually feel great for maybe the rest of the same day or maybe it carries over until the beginning of the next day. But after that session I felt completely light and completely different for at least two weeks. And I knew even on the day that it had been made possible for me to embrace the process of leaving my job, and going back to Canada, and starting an entirely new life. It didn’t ALL happen right away but it surely and firmly set the stage. I say this from my slowly evolving permaculture farm in Canada.

The one regret after the session was that I had to leave Ojai and go back east and didn’t know if and when I would ever get a chance for another session with Carrie. Needless to say I would absolutely and completely recommend Carrie. And if I were ever in Ojai again, I would actually call in advance to book knowing what I know about how amazing she is. In fact, writing this is making me think I will call and make an appointment to do one of her telephone sessions from here.”

- Sue Z


"I have been seeing Carrie for massage therapy for almost 3 years now. I seek for different body work modalities depending on my needs and I have found In my experience with Carrie, that she covers the whole spectrum.
She has deep knowledge of body mechanics and an unmatched healing sensitivity. Her presence is very soothing as well and she is very accommodating with scheduling. 
I would recommend Carrie as your choice for an advanced professional body worker without reservation." 

- Mariana S.


"Carrie DeVaney is a blessed gift to the body and spirit. I was lucky to find her on vacation in Ojai with my family over the holidays and it was my most cherished gift of the season to myself. Carrie, in a transformative massage, led me on a beautiful journey into me. With a warrior spirit who infuses her massages with infinite compassionate energy, her touch has such intention, it's a deeply loving and spiritual experience. Her readings into the deep landscape of your being are magical and resonated so much it made me weep. I was just re-reading one of her writings about what she saw in me over a year ago and could not believe how spot on she was and how much faith and hope she gifted me. I am deeply touched by her insights. I not only highly recommend her, I consider her a gift and a blessing to anyone who finds their way to her as I did."

- Giselle F


"I worked with Carrie regularly for over a year, and cannot say enough about her capabilities as an energy healer. 
First of all, she is 100% present, no matter what kind of material is coming up. She is as patient, kind and supportive as any healer I have ever worked with.
She remembers the contents of previous sessions, and ties together current work with work done in the past. Another way to say it is that she holds the space for the client, beautifully.

To top if off, Carrie has significant gifts of clairvoyance. In my work with her, she was able to see and communicate to me the processes that were unfolding in my body.
It was very grounding for me to receive this kind of ongoing feedback about how my physical healing was progressing. 

Even with all of these talents, Carrie is not egotistical. She seems genuinely happy to be of service to others, and works continually to develop her skills and abilities as a healer.

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Catherine A.


"Carrie is a deeply gifted healer and visionary. Her guidance stems from authentic roots in spiritual truth and grounded living. Through years of sessions with Carrie, I have experienced continuous awakening, clarity and soul-level healing through her gentle and powerful bodywork and visionary guidance. I am a more connected person because of Carrie's work!"

- Aaron O.


“I cannot recommend the services of Carrie DeVaney enough. Usually I am quite an intuitive person on my own and am able to work through many issues in my life. However, there are times in my life when I am simply too attached to the outcome of a situation or far too worried to make sense of something on my own. This is when I call Carrie. About seven months into a healthy pregnancy I found out that my son had significant growth issues and was extremely small. The midwives that I was working with informed me that I needed to change my medical care immediately, as I was now considered to be a high risk patient. I was so worried about the health of my son that I could think of little else. No amount of talking to friends or being intuitive on my own brought me the peace I needed to create the calm environment required for my son's growth. I called Carrie immediately. She conducted an incredible intuitive reading that offered me the calm I needed to continue growing my son. She also offered practical suggestions that I could do each day during my pregnancy. I followed the suggestions she recommended, and several weeks after our work together my son starting growing again. Currently, as I write down these words, he is happily asleep in his crib a few rooms away.  Not only did he survive, but he is thriving, full of smiles and so much personality each day. I believe that Carrie greatly assisted me in my time of need.  I am not sure what I would have done without her support during that tough period. If you are going through something difficult that you just can't seem to work through in your usual ways, then consider requesting a reading. I believe you will receive what you are seeking.”

- Stephanie G.


"Carrie has a unique ability for connecting mind, body and spirit in her healing practice. I've had several myofascial release sessions with her and I have found them to be much more effective for me than massage. She is very intuitive and has a special gift of "inviting" your body to relax and let go of pain and stress that gets stuck. Carrie has a Peaceful Warrior way about her that makes you feel comfortable and safe in her care. She is a gifted healer who can support you on your journey on so many levels. Her kind, compassionate, intuitive nature brings out the best healing results in her sessions. Carrie is just quite simply 'good for the soul'..."

- Kari C. 


"I have received several intuitive readings into my spiritual landscape from Carrie. Each one has made me cry tears of gratitude from feeling validated, acknowledged, understood, and encouraged... not by Carrie, but by the universe. Perhaps it is different for everyone, but for me, each reading has had relevance to my past, present, and future as well as all aspects of my life. And they have stayed with me over time--reverberating in beautiful, telling, healing, and supportive ways. The readings have helped me stick with my dreams in spite of my fears. Carrie is a gentle perceptive spirit who possesses powerful yet loving gifts. I am deeply grateful to know her and to have experienced her very unique modality."

- Helen M.


"Carrie is truly blessed in her ability to see inside one's spiritual landscape. She revealed many truths about where I currently  was and what I was deeply desiring in my life. The insight confirmed what was important to me on numerous levels, and helped me to get clear on moving forward. The reading was enormously helpful."

- Miki L.


"Carrie has a unique gift in her ability to take shamanic journeys for the help and healing of others. While not predictive, the journey she did for me gave me insights into the deepest parts of myself and has allowed me to take the next steps in my life with greater ease and confidence. Carrie’s intuitive abilities are matched by her healing skills and her kindness and compassion. She creates a safe and nurturing environment that fosters healing on all levels."

- Monica R.


"I have received a series of cellulite treatments performed by Carrie. As embarrassing as it was on the first treatment (taking the before photos) it was astonishing to see the end photos and do comparisons. Carrie’s calm and healing energies along with her skilled manipulations melted away all of my anxieties and unsightly ripples and lumps. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone wanting to release and melt away cellulite."

- Nina C.


"Carrie converted me from someone who never thought much of massage (having had several and never quite getting what all the rage was about)  to someone who truly sees what massage can bring in the way of relaxation induced by another. I didn't even know how tight and stressed I was until I saw the difference in how I felt upon leaving her massage table. She is intuitive, nurturing and has a healing energy I have never encountered before. Somehow in her presence, one's worries and preoccupation melt away and you are in her hands, literally and energetically. Her energy is gentle and yet strong and abiding. I would, and do routinely, recommend her to everyone I meet who seems to be in need and even to those like me who are not super jazzed about massage in the first place. It seems to me undeniable that Carrie embodies massage and all it is meant to bring to the client. I'm grateful to have discovered its healing powers through her." 

- Mary K.


"Carrie is such a gifted intuitive healer! I've been seeing her for help treating a chronic injury to my elbows and she has been a life saver!!! The best part of my week is when I get to see her for a treatment. What makes Carrie so wonderful is not only her amazing skill set, but also her unique way of making you and your body feel safe and heard. She is very friendly and approachable. I highly recommend you see Carrie for a total mind and body healing session!" 

- Heather V.


“Carrie DeVaney is a compassionate and gifted healer. I appreciate her unique ability to seamlessly combine energy healing with science-based therapeutic work. Carrie's commitment to continually expanding her knowledge and adding to her healing repertoire is admirable and provides enormous benefit to her clients. My partner and I have very different therapeutic and emotional needs and she is able to accommodate us both equally well. I am tremendously grateful for the loving and supportive work that she provides the Ojai area!”

- Lisa T.


“I can't tell you how comfortable I was visiting Carrie.  Her energy is so peaceful and reassuring.  It is relative I am sure, but I seems like I have a very busy life and the stress really can take an unnatural toll.  After a session with Carrie I felt incredible.  Relaxed, balanced, grounded. I honestly cannot wait to go back to experience her gift again.”

- Mike B.


"Carrie's help in the realm of spirit and in the realm of "awake" physicality have proven invaluable to me and my family. With time her work only proves itself more as the layers of the onion get peeled back. She has blown my mind many times with her abilities and her heartfelt care. She is truly gifted."

- Soren M.


"The fabulous & unusual component of Carrie's work is the the intuitive aspect. In the quiet she will listen to & take in all the messages your body is sending. She picks up on a deep level what it needs & wants. She will talk to you & tell you what she is doing. Her caring and healing manner will let you know right away to go for it!"

- Michal M.