Psychic Readings

Do you have questions about your life, want to connect with your guides and helpers, and get an energy healing session at the same time? A Psychic Reading may be what you’re needing.

During a Psychic Reading we will sit down together and discuss what’s going on for you right now. Once we get to know each other you will get on the table. Having you deeply relaxed helps me to read your energy. I’ll do energy healing in order to understand and balance your energy system while simultaneously looking for answers to your questions and getting information from your spirit guides and helpers.

Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading is the deepest form of work that I practice. This sort of reading is good if you’re at a crossroads, stuck in any area of your life, or mired in patterns that you can’t seem to shake. This is also a good thing to do for a birthday or at the beginning of any big life change.

An Intuitive Reading is a road map of your current reality. It is the deepest story of your life right now. Using shamanic techniques, my spirit travels to your spirit’s landscape. Here everything I see and hear belongs to you. The information shared cuts straight to the heart of who you are, beyond thoughts, beyond ideas, beyond the “shoulds” of life. In your landscape I meet parts of yourself, your guides, and your ancestors, all of whom send a message back for you to hear.  

I can go in with a specific question, for which I will ask for a clear and concise answer. Alternatively, I can travel without a question but with the intention of finding out what your soul most needs right now. We can all have a blind spot when it comes to our own deepest needs. But make no mistake, deep down you know what you need. Your soul knows. It can just be hard to hear over the din of our busy lives. My intention is connecting you with your own deepest wisdom. My gift to you is in helping you to hear and believe that which you already know, but may have hidden deep within.

In an Intuitive Reading I can: 

  • Access information from your soul that you may have a hard time accessing; dimensions of your spirit that may be in your “blind spot."

  • Speak with aspects of yourself, spirit guides, and ancestors who are helping you, and bring back messages from them.

  • Receive practical "real life" guidance from your spirit about what you need most, right now.

  • Clear dark energies that you may have inadvertently picked up in life.

  • Get spiritual and directional information about your child.

In an Intuitive Reading I cannot:  

  • Travel to any adult's landscape without his or her consent first.

  • Have visions about numbers or the lottery.


Intuitive Readings - For your Intuitive Reading we can discuss any areas where you feel stuck, or any specific questions you have about your life.  Alternatively, you may ask me to simply go into your spiritual landscape and see what wants to be seen. I will then travel to your unique landscape with that intent in mind. Once completed, I will write down everything that I saw and experienced. You will receive a copy of your reading to keep. After that you and I will schedule a meeting to read and discuss it together. 

Intuitive Reading Journey Work - To continue your journey of self-discovery. This work is available to anyone who has had an Intuitive Reading. We start with scheduling follow-up sessions after your reading. In these follow-ups we will check in, make sure you are steering your ship in the right direction, and access additional information from your guides and helpers that will help you on your path.

Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing - An Intuitive Reading and energy healing session combined is the best way to be able to embody the teachings you receive from your reading. We transform first in our spirits and minds, and then in our bodies. This will give your body a boost to integrate your new information. First, you will receive your intuitive reading. After I send you  your reading we will schedule a visit at my office to read and discuss it together. Afterwords we will set a clear intention for your healing session. You will then receive a 60 min energy work session to integrate your new understanding.


Intuitive Readings and Journey Work - Luckily our spirits have no boundaries! It is not necessary for us to meet in person for you to receive an Intuitive Reading or subsequent follow-up sessions. If you don't live nearby then don't worry. For your reading I will do everything exactly the same as I would do in an in person session except that we will discuss your journey over the phone or Skype afterward. 

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