Energy Healing

Are you tired? Do you feel unbalanced? Are you stretched in too many directions? Are you overly (or underly) emotional? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re due for an energy healing session.

The form of energy work that I practice is called *Body Wisdom Healing. During a Body Wisdom Healing session I begin by resonating with the energy of the earth. Acting as a conduit of this energy I then use my intuition to move to places in your body where I feel called. The earth energy flows to the areas of your body where you are deficient. Where you have too much energy, or it is blocked, the energy will flow back into the earth. Sounds easy. Sounds subtle. Yet the feeling during and after a Body Wisdom Healing session is quite profound. Depending on what you most need in your life at the moment you are with me, you could leave feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, clear, balanced, or even simply seen on a very deep energetic level.

After your session I will choose flower essences for you to take to help you vibrationally on your journey. The essences I use are made by a gifted healer here in Ojai, with all Ojai flowers, created under the moon and sun, right where they grow. These essences will help you connect more deeply to the magic and wonder of the natural world and to our sweet valley

*Body Wisdom Healing was created by holistic healer and Craniosacral Therapist Teresa Jayne of Ojai, California. Teresa's subtle yet powerful techniques were passed on to me through my mentorship in Teresa Jayne's Earth School.

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