Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Helpers

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Everyone, without exception, comes into the treatment room accompanied by an entourage of spirit guides and helpers. Sometimes I hear them. Sometimes I see them. Sometimes they send imagery that helps the person I am working with to understand what they need to understand. Over the years that I have worked with clients doing the work that I do, I have come to understand this: you are always being guided and helped by forces that you cannot see. 

Why can’t we see our guides and helpers? There are a myriad of reasons. An important one being that we need all of the energy that we can muster to pay attention to what is right in front of us right now. What we are meant to focus on is what is loudest in our field of vision- the person, place, or action that is directly in front of us, waiting for our presence. I’ll go into this topic further at another time as it also has to do with finding your meaning and purpose. But for now I’ll just say you can’t see your guides and helpers because you’re supposed to be watching the road, or reading to your kid, or falling in love with the beauty of the earth, or a person... You get it.

We cannot see our guides and helpers most of the time, but they are here and they are guiding us and giving us information. Once you understand this you can begin to look, listen, and feel for the messages that they are giving you. One thing that I find to be very valuable, and that brings the guidance through in a strong way is ASKING OUT LOUD. You don’t need to yell, lol. Even a simple whisper out loud helps. In my experience, once I ask out loud for help from a guide they come more fully into the room, the information comes more clearly, the images appear more vividly. 

If you don’t know how to begin, begin simply. Think of the gifts that your loved ones who have passed away had when they were on Earth. For example, my Nana knew where everything was. If anyone were looking for something they just had to ask her and she would find it within minutes. Now, when I can’t find something I ask, “Nana, where did I put my (fill in the blank)?” Within minutes I’ll have an urge to look on top of the fridge, and lo and behold! There it is. Maybe your Grandpa Jim was good with money. Ask him for help with your finances. If you’re feeling unloved, reach out to your gran who always adored you. As loud or as quiet as you like, say their name. 

“Grandma, please show me I’m loved.” 

“Grandpa Jim, I could really use some inspiration on how to grow my business. Please help.” 

After that, let it go. Go about your day, paying attention to what is right in front of you. If you get an urge to do something different than what you would usually do, pay attention. You will laugh when you find your missing thing on top of the fridge and come to believe more and more fully that you are always being taken care of.

In love and wonder,


Carrie DeVaneyComment