When Things Are Too Close, They're Hard to See


Hello beautiful spirits! Today I’m thinking about a topic that comes up a lot in my practice. Many of my friends and clients are very intuitive. However, there are times when they can’t see what it is they are looking for, no matter how much they quiet their minds.

Why is this? Why can people who can see so clearly for other people find it hard to know what they need? It’s because it’s too close, too important. Imagine putting a book right up to your face so that it touches your nose. When it’s too close you can’t read it. This is the same thing that happens spiritually with questions that are really important to us. The things we want to see the most are oftentimes the hardest for us to see because we are too close to them. Areas such as personal health, the health of loved ones, our children, relationships, and life path can be challenging to see clearly without the help of another person. I go to other psychics and healers when I am too close to a subject and I see many clients who are also healers.

Many times other people offer us just enough information for us to be able to see that we know the answers already. Many times we were looking straight at it the whole time but our vision was impaired by the fog of really wanting and needing to know. It isn’t until we hear it spoken by someone else that we can have the space to allow that fog to lift and the answer that was right in front of us the whole time to be revealed.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve had this experience and also which areas are the hardest for you to see clearly.

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With love,