How to Communicate with Animals

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Pure, clear, in alignment with what is, animals can be some of our greatest teachers and guides. Communicating with both the physical animals in our lives and our animal spirit guides is one way to bring us back into harmony with the natural world. It can be a valuable tool when helping them and ourselves.

I use the same technique to communicate with spirit animals and physical animals. The only difference is the questions that I ask. Just like with children before they are verbal, communicating with our animal friends and family can be super challenging. They may be sick or unhappy and trying to show us but we don’t understand. Sometimes it’s as clear as pooping on your pillow every day (an angry rabbit) or as unclear as being totally unresponsive (a starving bat). In addition to good medical care, you can apply this technique to help get information from your pets and guides.

How to communicate with animals:

  1. If you can, sit close to your animal. This isn’t necessary but can help. Close your eyes and center yourself. To do this you can take some deep breaths. Imagine breathing in and out with your entire body. Make these as slow as possible. Focus on this for about 10 long breaths.

  2. When you are ready, place your hand on your animal if they are nearby and willing to be still. Either with your hand on the animal or not, picture the face of your animal in your mind.

  3. Once you have a clear picture, ask the image of your animal what you want to know. You can ask them, “What do you need?” or “What is hurting you?” or anything you want to know.

  4. Keep a clear and open mind and imagine your animal speaking back to you. You will need to suspend your disbelief.

    It really is as simple as this. The hardest part is not doubting yourself and also keeping a clear mind to let the information flow.

This is the same way to communicate with your spirit animal guides. If you already know one or more of your animal guides then you can put this technique to use right away. Get centered. Get quiet. Imagine the animal in front of you. Ask your question. Receive your answer. Trust that you are being guided.

If you don’t know who your animal guides are, begin to notice if an animal is trying to talk to you. They will come through showing up in “real life” or in images such as on cards, posters or pictures in magazines. If one animal is coming to you over and over take note. They are trying to get your attention. Use the technique as described above to see what they have to share with you.

We are all being guided so much of the time! We just haven’t learned to hear and trust the guidance that is here for us. I hope that I can help you to tune into this guidance more fully. It has been indescribably invaluable to me in my life.

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Enjoy deepening your communications with the animals in your life!



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