How to Become Your Most Powerful Self

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I spent an unhealthy part of last night scrolling Instagram and looking at beautiful posts posted by beautiful people. They were so together, so positive, so in tune with their surroundings, so in tune with the camera! The lighting was perfect. Do they have a better connection with the light, with the earth, with everything?! I don’t allow myself to indulge in this very often because I kind of know better. Kind of. This was a lazy decision on top of a week of not feeling my best. I’m going through some hormonal stuff and so I’ve been moody, heavy, and my skin is breaking out in a way it hasn’t done since I was 16. This is starting to read like a journal entry but hang with me! We’re headed somewhere.

When I feel low, I reach into my self-help tool kit for tools and tricks to help bring me back up again. After many, many years of wellness obsession, my tool kit is very full. Anything to give a good mental shift will work.  Last night it was a meditation on envisioning what I want to see in my life, to counteract the focus on what I don’t have. I did that before I went to bed. In my meditation visions arose of sitting by a river, leading a group of beautiful souls in a healing circle. We sat under the stars and around the fire. I was in my element. I felt powerful. That’s how I want to feel in my life.

This morning I let that vision guide my day. With the rising sun I prayed, “Please show me how to be my most powerful self.” I said these words out loud and then let it go. I had a day off so the first thing I did was go to my favorite yoga class. Who do you think puts her mat right next to mine, literally four inches away? It was the same woman I was envying on Ista last night. Hmm...must be a sign. Of what I wasn’t sure. 

Hours later, I was sitting in some hot springs (I really go for it on my days off). I closed my eyes and let myself fully experience my surroundings. The water was warm. The wind was cool. The sun was shining in that clear, sparkly way that it only does in fall. The mountains were mountaining. It was blissful. In that moment I realized that I was feeling all of the five elements- water, fire from the earth warming the water, wind blowing, trees growing, the rocks I was sitting on, and the wind. And I could feel myself just the same as these things. I could feel how I am made of the five elements. Just like everything on the earth. And in this knowledge I felt powerful, really, truly, powerful. I am stillness. I breathe. I grow. I move and change. I burn. 

I realized too, that our brains give us our ability. We mold and shape our experience, and to a large degree our world, with our brains. But it’s our connection to the elements, to all that is, that gives us our power. This connection is the same for everyone. Then I knew the answer to my question this morning, how do I become my most powerful self? There is nothing to become. I already am my most powerful self. All I needed to do was sit, and feel my connection to all that is, and remember. 

Why did that woman put her mat next to mine? It was the Universe telling me that there is no distance between her and I. We are the same. You and I are the same. We’re all the same. So the next time you get lost in the comparison game try taking a break. Sit with the sun on your face. Feel the wind. Feel the cold. Remember that you are no less than the Universe incarnate. Everything else is just lighting. 

With so much love,


Carrie DeVaneyComment