Simple Full Moon Ritual

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Today is the full moon. This particular full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon. This is the time of year when the game is fattened, not mating or raising young. Our ancestors would have been hunting, preserving, storing, and preparing for the winter. You may or may not be hunting for your food, but your cellular DNA is still moving along with the tides of the season. You might feel like sleeping in longer, or eating more. It’s all because that deep down on a cellular level you are in harmony with the natural world around you. You are subconsciously preparing for the coming winter. 

Take some time tonight to consciously align with the moon and the season. The full moon is a great time to celebrate your accomplishments over the last month as well as a time to let go of what no longer serves you so that you have room to create more in the coming month.

Here is a simple ritual that you can do tonight, and on any full moon, to utilize the power of the full moon. This power is already moving through and around you. Attuning to it will only make it stronger. 

Step 1- Create an alter. You can make this as simple or as elaborate as you like. Lay down a cloth. In the center place a candle. Around the candle place items that are sacred or important to you. Light your candle.

Step 2- Smudge if you got it. The blend I use was passed down to me from my teacher and has cedar, sage, lavender, and sweetgrass. I keep it in a turtle shell I found and it’s always near my alter. If you have some sage use that. I also really like palo santo. These are the traditional smudges that I know about. Imagine the smoke purifying you.

Step 3- Call in your guides and helpers. Do this out loud if you can. Even a whisper counts. If you don’t have a “calling in” that you use try this one: “Sacred guides and helpers, all those who come in love and light, I invite you to be here with me now.”

Step 4- Get quiet. Take some deep breaths. Feel into your belly. Try to focus on only your breathing for 10 breaths. 

Step 5- Think of what you are proud of. Give thanks to the Universe, God, Spirit, or just give thanks for all that you have accomplished. If you can think of nothing else be thankful that you are breathing and on the earth. Next, think of what you don’t want to hold onto in your life. Say, “I let go of... “ fill in the blank. Ask your guides and helpers to carry it away for you. This may not be instantaneous, but be assured that it will happen.

Step 6- Let go and let God. Now that you have released what is no longer serving you, let yourself rest in knowing that you will be helped in your request. 

That’s all there is to it! As I said, you can make this as elaborate or as simple as you like. If you feel like being with people, do this ceremony with people you want to share it with and then have a lovely dinner while looking at the full moon. I’m a text book introvert but I also know the power of sharing a ritual with my community so I’ll be doing my ritual with two girlfriends before we go for a full moon soak in the hot springs to help wash away what we no longer want and need. One thing is for certain, we’ll all be under the same moon tonight. I’ll be praying for you to both revel in your accomplishments and to let go of what is no longer serving you. 



Ps. Don’t forget to blow out your candle. xoxo

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