Inner Wisdom, I am Listening.


We all have an inner compass that we can use to guide our lives. This compass is connected to the fabric of all life everywhere. Because we are connected with all that is, the choices and decisions we make from this place are not only in alignment with our own deepest desires, but also with the world around us. I call this deep knowing inner wisdom.

If we all have this inner wisdom within us then why do we have such a hard time tapping into it? The problem arises when, as the poet William Wordsworth writes, “The world is too much with us.” The demands and distractions of our days fill up our awareness, our perspective, our time. When we are in constant thought there is no way to hear the very calm, quiet understanding that resides deep within. To understand how this works we can use the analogy of the sea. The surface of the sea is our thoughts and everything in our line of vision, what we see around us. If our thoughts are busy, like wind blowing the water, then we can only see the surface. We think that that is the entirety of the sea. When our thoughts are still, when there is no wind blowing, no clouds casting reflections on the water, we are able to see beneath the surface. And there we can see the entirety of the sea, our inner depths. There is so much beneath the surface of our awareness!

One very useful technique I’ve learned and practiced for many years I call “Inner Wisdom, I am Listening.” This was taught to me by a dear friend and counselor when I was in my early 20s and just starting to investigate the choppy waters of my existence. In times of uncertainty I’ve used this technique to tap into my inner wisdom. I hope you find it useful in tapping into yours.

How to do it:

  • What you’ll need: A quiet place, a few sheets of paper and something to write with.

  • At the top of one of your sheets of paper, with your dominant hand write, “Inner wisdom I am listening. What do you want me to know?”

  • Next, set your pen down. Close your eyes. Get still. Take a few deep breaths. Notice how your body feels where you are sitting. Spend a few moments simply noticing the sounds around you.

  • When you feel quiet repeat this phrase out loud at least three times, “Inner wisdom I am listening. What do you want me to know?” Put emphasis on the “I am listening” part. Once you’ve done that repeat the phrase over and over in your head until you feel complete.

  • Now sit quietly. When you feel ready, pick up the pen or pencil with your non-dominant hand. This helps you to override your wonderful, yet tricky brain. Do not think about the answer. Simply let the information come through your pen. Write whatever comes to you. Do not edit. Spelling doesn’t matter. Let it be messy.

  • If you need more clarity on something you receive, put the pen back into your dominant hand and write out another question. After doing so take the pen once again into your non-dominant hand to answer. You may need to stop and recenter, closing your eyes and asking your new question over again, always starting with “Inner wisdom, I am listening.” You can start this process with any question you have as long as you begin with the original phrase. For example, “Inner wisdom, I am listening. What is missing in my life? Or, Which is the right job for me to take? Or, What can I do to improve my relationship with _?”

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any questions about the process in the comments below. May your journey be on smooth waters.



Carrie DeVaneyComment