Why I Never Wanted to Work with Someone Like Me


When I was growing up in the 80s in St. Louis, Missouri I never heard any metaphysical talk. The people I knew valued hard work, pragmatism, and following a prescribed course of action- school, college, work, family. “Woo woo, psychic, paranormal” and even “meditation” were words that were associated with charlatans and looked down upon. Things that couldn’t be explained were written off as weird and scary.  As a child I was visited by spirits and visions but I did my best to block them out. I spent a lot of years with the covers over my head at night, eyes squeezed shut and hands over my ears. This was the beginning of my prejudice against people like me and my own intuitive side.

I created the second part of my prejudice within my family. My mom has always been psychic, but in a very midwestern sort of way. I’ll be thinking about her and the phone will ring. I pick up and my mom on the other end of the line simply says “What?” Or I’ll be at her house looking for something and she’ll say “Grampy says to look in the chest on the back porch.” Grampy was my great grandfather, who lived in that same house, and who was no longer living. Sure enough the thing I’d been looking for was buried there in the chest. My mom was also an atheist and when I asked her about these things, she’d just shrug. “When you die you’re buried in the ground. End of story,” she’d say. Confusing.

Over time my visions became clearer. I began to read anything that I came across that was mystical. I especially loved books that pertained to tangible things I could do. I learned to meditate. I learned to listen. I stopped shutting out the voices. I let myself be led and guided by the forces that were/are always there, teaching and guiding me in ways that I could accept and use. I let this information help navigate my life, always with one eye on the rational, the useful, the pragmatic. But still, even into my 30s, I kept this information close to home. I used this work with my family and only a small group of very close friends. I was always worried about being thought of as full of shit.

It wasn’t until I was able to let go (mostly) of how I was perceived by others that I was able to fully trust and receive the guidance that I was being given. Only once I accepted myself was I able to see this shining through other practitioners as well. Being unbiased of my own skills allowed me to drop the prejudice against others. I don’t think the Missouri in me will ever fully get over a bend towards the practical within the paranormal. I still lean towards healers who use clear language and get to the point as much as possible. That’s ok with me. There are healers and psychics with a vibrational match for each different person. I’m so grateful that I can open up now to working with “people like me.” These are the ones who will help me see the bigger picture of my spirit that I’m sometimes unable or too afraid to see.

If you want practical life guidance channeled from a psychic then I’m your girl. Click here to contact me with any questions you may have. I’d love to help you to connect to the guidance that is all around you.

With love and gratitude,