Get Up Offa That Thing!

Woman Walking.jpg

As the days get shorter our natural tendency is to retreat, go within, and cozy up. This is not the time of year that we necessarily crave going outside and moving our bodies. It can be such a sweet time but if not carefully balanced the scales can tip and we can find ourselves in a spiral of weight gain and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If either of these things creep up on you (as they used to creep up on me) it’s important that you schedule time for joyful movement.

I don’t know about you but if I don’t schedule something it doesn’t happen. Well, if I don’t schedule the things that don’t come easily to me they don’t happen. I can easily eat extra snacks or watch extra episodes but I don’t naturally extra exercise or extra organize my finances. Those things need to be scheduled. This doesn’t have to become a slog. On the contrary! We feel sooo much better, happier, and healthier if we get off the couch and move. We can also choose things that make us happy while we do them. No matter what exercise you chose, make a point of scheduling 20 minutes into your day at least 5 days a week. Your family, friends, and body will thank you for it.

Some ideas to light a fire under you:

  • When you wake up in the morning take a few moments to acknowledge how you feel. Listen to your body and let it move however it wants to (except if it wants to move back to sleep, lol). I do this on the floor right by my bed but you can do it in the bed too. Stretch, wiggle, and roll with how your body is wanting to roll. Our bodies are amazing and if they are listened to will throw way less tantrums.

  • Go for a walk! Even better if you have time before work. Just put your shoes on and walk briskly around the neighborhood.

  • The old standards- Jumping Jacks, Push ups, Crunches, Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Plank, Jump Rope. Set a timer and simply mix and match these until it dings. These are old standards because they work.

  • Put on your favorite music and dance! This can be so joyful and such a cardio workout that you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often. I love this Qoya video on dancing awake your shadow.

Give yourself the gift of a positive attitude and health this season by adding joyful movement into your days. It’s totally free and priceless.

Happy Healthy Holidays!